Need something?
Just WeQuest it!

WeQuest is a Decentralized Application designed to help people connect with each other, to exchange goods and to provide services without the need for money. Neighboring providers will be able to fulfill the requests, in return of time credits, karma and reputation points for the quality provided. They can then use these credits to request services from others.

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Indexing human needs

Via a smartphone app, people in need of a service or good can submit a WeQuest. Our application will make it visible to the entire world in a distributed ledger.

Being a demand driven economy, WeQuest advertises the local needs instead of the available products and services, so there is no need for marketing, market research and advertisement!

Karma Points

Needs in highest demand yield a higher reward in terms of karma points. The more you contribute to what is needed, the more advantages you can get from the system!

You will be able to use your community points to get priority access on other WeQuests in higher demand.

A geolocalized marketplace

In order to promote local exchanges, WeQuest automatically prioritizes nearby peers to satisfy the WeQuest. In this way your neighbors will be providing for your needs, and you will provide for theirs. The aim is to directly connect the local providers to the local needs.

Smart Barter

Time is the most valuable resource, and everyone is born with it. WeQuest is a global and local time bank, where time is exchanged as currency when providing services to each other.

Fulfilling a WeQuest for one hour will grant a one hour credit. This credit can then be used to pay for your own WeQuests.


A the end of each transactions, parties are able to rate each other. This is useful for:

  • Building a transparent and verifiable online curriculum, represented by the history of all transactions and their ratings.
  • Showcasing the best skills, passions and expertise obtained or shared with other peers.
  • Collecting a trustworthy online identity: an higher rating will be the preferred choice when choosing between multiple providers, meaning that local competition will mainly be focused on the quality provided!

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